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Too young to be in love. Too young to succumb to commitment. Too young to be tied up. 

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Dane DeHaan and Anna Wood at The Amazing Spiderman 2 Berlin premiere (x)

"Can you describe Dane please? :)"

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Oh my God….
Dane’s amazing. The first thing you feel when you see him is a strong attraction.
I mean that Dane is very attractive and magnetizing, once you see him in a movie, you can’t stay indifferent. His performance is rich, contradictory, beautiful. He is engaged in acting; you can literally feel that he is giving all his thoughts, emotions, feelings to his performance. Dane doesn’t “act” (meaning he doesn’t “pretend”), it feels like he literally lives on screen. 
Of course the first thing you see in Dane is his acting, his skills, his wide range and ability to portray characters so truthfully, that it takes your breath away. You are stunned, because he is so different from an average actor. He is so real. And yes, extremely handsome too.
Dane has truly unique looks. He has this beauty that cannot be measured just by general standards. He really is beautiful, yet there is something more to it. There is always a mystery that surrounds Dane: you see him, but you feel like you don’t know him. 
I already described Dane’s eyes here, so I wouldn’t repeat. But yes, I think you really can write a poem dedicated to just the eyes. I’ve never seen anyone with equally beautiful eyes…

Someone said that when you see Dane on screen, you may think that he is a vicious spoiled guy… But when you start discovering him by reading his interviews, watching his videos, looking through his twitter post, you understand that he is a sweet, humble, down to earth person. And that amazes me. Dane was able to achieve success, to become a known actor, yet he remained so true to himself. He really cares about his family, he loves his wife and his friends, and he cares about us, his fans. These are not just words, this guy’s character is so easy to love. He is a sweetheart. I mean it when I say it.

Dane is incredibly hardworking guy. He was gifted to have a talent. But how many people waste their talents!… Dane is a bit of a perfectionist (imo), because when he does something, he gives his entire self to what he’s doing. He was able to get to this acting business because of his amazing ability to work hard, to focus on what he’s doing and by his persistence. That’s why the next thing I’d say about Dane is that he is inspiring.

He does show you that you can achieve your dreams if you work hard on them. Impossible really is nothing if you put all your effort in something you believe in. Dane’s ability to work hard and his kind heart motivated me in so many things… (but the post isn’t about me, I am not important)

In conclusion, I’d just say that Dane is unique. There is no one like him, never has been, and I don’t think there ever will be. I am so grateful that one day I got to see Kill Your Darlings and therefore was able to get to “know” this amazing, inspiring, beautiful, sweet, creative, talented young man. I’ve never thought it would be possible to get attracted to a celebrity the way I did to Dane, but here I am… But who can blame me, when Dane DeHaan is unique in so many ways?…

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Dane DeHaan talks about his parents and Metallica

Such a cutie



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is dane dehaan EVEN REAL

I can’t even omg

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Michael: I think Ashton has the best tweets.

But I love your hat Ash..

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